Golf Group

Chairpersons: Charlene Yang, Jeannie Tien
Co-Chairperson: Li-Yung Wang Lee
Time: to be informed
Location: to be informed
Contact person: Jeannie Tien
Contact email: [email protected]




Golf is one of the many activities that WTIC offers to members and guests, to see friends and meet new people.

In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the world upside down and inside out. We are very fortunate to live in Taiwan where we are lucky to lead comparatively regular lives. We should all be thankful to the people who contributed to safeguarding our country, and who have allowed our golf courses to stay open. Taipei Golf Club provides a fabulous facility where we are all so eager to go every month.

For golfers, observing social distancing on the golf course is never a problem, sometimes there’s even too much social distancing when the ball goes into the woods! Due to the spacious nature of the game, golf courses became more crowded than ever before. We’re happy that more people are interested in this beautiful sport we all enjoy and hope that more people can join in the new year.

Weather is always a concern but never a deterrent, as golfers are brave people who are willing to play in the rain and under the scorching sun. But never brave enough to play during a lightning storm. After all, we are also smart enough to know that life is still just a little bit more important than golf.

I’d like to thank each member of the club for being an amazing golf mate. Being a member of this group has made every game a beautiful walk with friends.