Taichiquan Group

Chairpersons: Christiane Limberg Blohm, Alison Tsai Lin
Co-Chairperson: Spring Cheng
Time: 1:30pm—3:00pm
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Alison Tsai Lin
Contact email: [email protected]


Tai Chi Chuan has 5 main schools: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wǔ, Sun. There are now many branches of Tai Chi Chuan with some subtle or even big differences: Tai Chi Chuan 13, 24, 37, 42, 64, and 108 movements. Based on the theory of Ying and Yang, Tai Chi Chuan works wonders for health, fitness and figure.

This group was founded by our former president Athenia Kuo. We study Tai Chi Chuan 37 movements developed by Master Cheng Marn-Chin(鄭曼青), a herbal physician good at writing, playing chess, and Chinese painting. He chose the most helpful 37 movements out of the Yang’s 108 movements to make it easier for the busy modern people to practice and to master.

The Cheng’s 37 movements are gentle, relaxed, supple and endless, with the movements flowing one after another appearing in slow motion.  When performing Tai Chi Chuan, we wear white Tang Chuang, standing for simplicity, purity, serenity, and nobility. We always enjoy ourselves in classes.