10/24/2023 Annual Autumn Excursion: Stroll in Nature & Health~Excursion to Taichung

What could be better than a day filled with good company, and delightful surprises? WTIC excursion to Taichung provided all that and more, making it an unforgettable adventure for all who were lucky enough to be part of it.
The highlights of the trip was the visit to a towering wind turbine, a marvel of modern engineering. It was a reminder of the boundless potential of renewable energy. The visit not only provided an educational experience but also served as a reminder of our responsibility to take care of our planet.
A delicious lunch that was not only satisfying but also a celebration of local flavors, leaving everyone with a full stomach and happy taste buds.
The icing on the cake was the visit to Johnson Health Tech Company, a global leader in fitness equipment. Here, we had the unique opportunity to try out their cutting-edge fitness equipment. It was a chance to break a sweat, test our limits, and gain insights into the latest advancements in the fitness industry.
WTIC Excursion to Taichung was more than just a trip; it was an experience that strengthened the bonds within our members, reminding us of the importance of good company, shared adventures, and the power of simple yet heartwarming surprises. Each member of the club received a lovely and thoughtful gift. It was a gesture that warmed hearts and added an extra layer of joy to the trip. These surprises truly reflected the bond and appreciation we all shared for being part of this fantastic club.
As we headed back, we were not just returning with souvenirs and photos, but a reminder of the magic that happens when goods come together to explore, learn, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
please check the Google Photo album to memorize this unforgettable trip to Taichung. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6uFCbBWRVoWpZF6j8

錦上添花的是對全球健身器材領導者強生健康科技公司的訪問。 在這裡,我們有一個獨特的機會嘗試他們最先進的健身器材,並深入了解健身產業最新發展的機會。
WTIC 年度秋季郊遊加深了我們會員之間的聯繫, 每位會員都收到了貼心的台中名產『太陽餅』伴手禮,為旅程增添了額外的歡樂。我們帶回的不僅僅是伴手禮和照片,這提醒了我們; 當大家聚在一起、學習和一起享受生活中的簡單樂趣時,自然會產生神奇快樂的效果。



11/18/2021 WTIC Annual Excursion~Miaoli Chrysanthemum Daisy and Hakka Culture

11/18 WTIC Annual Excursion to Miaoli Chrysanthemum Field & Hakka Culture Center 秋賞杭菊苗栗之旅
We are grateful for the weather, no rain during the event but with plenty fresh air and flowers. We took a lot of photos when we were in the private Chrysanthemum Field, Hakka culture center and Flower Home. Please click here to view our pretty photos.

我們感謝天公作美,在活動期間沒讓我們淋到雨,但讓我們體驗到新鮮空氣和美麗的花朵。 我們在私人杭菊花田、客家文化中心、花露農場拍了很多照片。 請點擊以下連結,欣賞我們美麗的照片。