Bridge Group

Chairperson: Jennifer Teng, Meiming Chu Lou
Wednesday afternoon
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Mei-Ming Chu Lou
Contact email: [email protected]




Open to all members of the WTIC community, the bridge group meets every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00—4:30pm. The group is guided by expert bridge player Mr. Jing-Kwei Sui who is extremely patient and passionate in teaching the game based on the natural bidding system.

Bridge or formally known as Contract Bridge is a card game that is played by four persons in two competing teams. using a standard 52-card deck, each player is dealt 13 cards and each team competes through bidding to play the card and at the specified contract. The game is mentally stimulating and provides an immense challenge as well as enjoyment. The process of playing each and involves communication, reasoning and strategic thinking skills.

The game of bridge is played by millions around the world. it is fun and easy way to make friends and connect with the local community. The bridge group welcomes players of all levels, from beginning to the very advanced. In addition to playing bridge, everyone also looks forward to the coffee break where members have a chance to socialize and enjoy some tea and snacks.