Chigong Group

Chi gong for well-being in everyday life
Chairperson: Christina T. Chang
Co-Chairperson: Pearl Chen
Time: Friday 10:30am to 12:00 noon
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Christina Chang
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Sun Li-Tsuei is Chinese form Taiwan. She loved in France, Germany, and UK from 1980 to 1992. She was trained since childhood with traditional Chinese arts; Tai Chi Chuan. In her professional career, she has been teaching Chi gong, Chinese court Ya-Yueh dance, calligraphy and mime.

Li-Tsuei has developed a special Chi Gong for well-being incorporating the Taoist philosophies and Buddhist on a daily basis. This course is aimed at helping leaners integrate into their lives a daily wellness through postures, gestures and attitudes in harmony with the Tao universal principle.