Yoga Group

Chairpersons: Aunza Prinz, Shelly Huang
Instructor: Anuza Prinz
Time: Monday, 11:30am–13:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am—11:30am
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Shelly Huang
Contact email:


Yoga means union of your higher self with your physical body.
Human beings are composed via reflection of their inner perceptions and old memories from various factors i.e family, culture, education stability etc.
But with yoga practice you re learn the older mind programming and be-come aware only at present moment counts.

So one can rejuvenate and find rejoice in the present moment within your body and mind. The essence of yoga is to find peace and liberation not only for themselves but once you are overflowing with joy and bliss , you want the entire ecosystem and all other sentient beings to live in harmony. My method’s include yin and yang philosophy and all somatic practices. Any-body can at any stage do yoga, so basically a teacher can show the practic-es to the students ability or limitations or any physical alignment.

Atha yoga anusunam: when you have tried everything but not found peace start with yoga!

By Anuza Prinz,
Yoga group Certified Instructor,
Spouse of Director General
German Institute Taipei