2022 Annual Registration Luncheon

2022 會員大會 & 新春餐會在眾家姊妹的辛勞準備後圓滿達成。感謝大家的參與,更感謝幕後默默地奉獻的人。精彩相片請點以下連結:


The joyous 2022 Annual Registration Luncheon was successfully completed with all the devotions of our work teams and participations of our dear members. Thank you all, this marks the beginning of another year of planning and bringing the best to our members.

Please click the link below to see the happy moments we shared in the photo album.


04/27/2022 EG: Trip to the Ching-Kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park

Thank you for joining us at the Ching Kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park on Wednesday, what a coincidence, it happened to be Chiang’s birthday on this special day.

The park received its eponymous name from the late president Chiang and his home, the Chi-Hai Residence, which he and his family resided in for 19 years. The house interior was unpretentious, the park also features the first Presidential Library in Taiwan. This library is a center for both scholarly research as well as a ever lasting tribute to the late President Chiang Ching Kuo. We were so honored to receive hearty welcome by the foundation chairman Dr. Fredrick Chien, to hear his speech at presidential library and have a very productive dialogue with our members.

When we reflect on Chiang Ching-Kuo’s life, we have new respect for every individual who has struggled and still struggles on behalf of Taiwan.

Please click on the link below to enjoy the memorable moment we have shared with you. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bnqjpkUxYsfgxLFf9





4/7/2022 Art & Culture: “Alive Art in the Renaissance” Exhibition

On April 7th, the Art & Culture group went to see “The Alive Art in the Renaissance “, our big thanks to the Italian Economic, Trade, and Cultural Promotion Office for facilitating the visit and our Honorary Member Anna Lisa for leading the English tour. Please click the link to see the photo album.
「藝文小組」4月7日在「義大利經濟貿易文化推廣辦事處」的安排下觀賞了「會動的文藝復興」沉浸式展覽,我們特別感謝Anna Lisa代表夫人帶領英文導覽;請點閱精彩照片連結:


“Alive Art in the Renaissance” Immersive Exhibition at EcoARK Pavilion


Time & Date: 09:30 am12:00noon, Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Venue: EcoARK Pavilion (get off at Metro Yuanshan Station’s Exit 1)

Meeting Point: 09:30 am at the ticket booth near the entrance.

Fees: NT$ 500 (Tickets, English audio tour devices, and gift)

Dear Members,

Situated inside the Taipei Flora Expo Park, the nine-story EcoARK Pavilion is currently holding the biggest immersive & multimedia exhibition with 200 plus digital masterpieces from the Renaissance era in Taiwan. The EcoARK itself is a landmark green building of the city, constructed over a decade ago with 1.5 million of recycled PET bottles, and is the world’s first fully functional polli-bricks building.

The immersive sound and light exhibition “Alive Art in the Renaissance” presents viewers with 200 plus classic works from 36 museums, art galleries and private collections around the world. It  consists of four sections: 1) A recount of 24 most famous Renaissance era painters and 1:1 duplicates of their masterpieces; 2) An array of HD LED Light Box display of digital artworks; 3) A 5-meter tall room with spectacular visual and Dolby sound effects-displaying 540 degree immersive show of 100 paintings by five Renaissance masters -Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Caravaggio; 4) A circular 9-meter high balloon dome, and the most impressive part of this exhibit : witness Giorgio Vasari’s fresco of “the Last Judgement” from the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence. For more information, please check: https://youtu.be/846-gT2rbAs(English) &  https://www.gbyhn.com.tw/blog/post/2022renaissance

This visit is limited to 40 persons on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are very thankful to our Honorary Member Anna Lisa Giglio Ghini, who has suggested this wonderful program, and she has gracious agreed to lead the English guided tour for 10 members; the other 30 people will be provided with acoustiguide in Chinese language. Please RSVP to this email no later than March 31st (Thursday). This is a visit packed with modern interactive technology-through download marq+ App for augmented reality-the viewers can snap a photo with Mona Lisa and see snake-haired Medusa come to life, so please do come on the journey with us!

Best regards,

Susan Su Wang

Jessica Liu Chia (0970 583 038)




本次活動感謝本會榮譽會員Anna Lisa Giglio Ghini夫人推薦大家來體驗這場精彩的聲光秀,並親自為十位會員做英文導覽、另安排30具中文語音導覽機,讓大家自由觀賞。這項展覽有些有趣的互動式設計,可以先在手機上下載marq+ App掃描:Raphael’s “the School of Athens”, Botticelli’s “the Birth of Venus”, Caravaggio’s “Medusa”這三幅畫,看看有什麼噱頭;或者跟穿運動衫的Mona Lisa勾肩搭背拍照。在此愛心叮嚀:觀賞沉浸式的展覽,或許會覺得流動的光影讓人眼花撩亂,主辦人員提醒大家不妨坐在地毯上看。本活動名額為40人,敬請大家在331日(週四)前回覆本電郵報名,名額有限、報名請早,謝謝您的參與。

日期與時間: 47日(週四)上午9301200




報名截止日期: 331日(週四)名額40人。

參觀完畢,最後有廣大的紀念禮品區可採購種類豐富的產品。時近晌午,在花博園區裡的「集食行樂MAJI2」區也有好幾間各具特色的餐廳,可以享用午餐。請參考以下連結:http://www.majisquare.com/food_list.php?cid=1900 建議親愛的姐妹們先跟餐廳預訂位。


敬頌  春祺


賈劉仁薈(0970 583 038)


03/01/2022 Art & Culture : Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions at CKS Memorial Hall

2022/3/1 「藝文小組」安排大家參觀正在「中正紀念堂」展出的Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions 「天才達利 」與「永恆慕夏」特展


Art & Culture Interest Group

Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall


Time & Date: 13:30pm 16:00 pm, Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Venue: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (No.21, Zhongshan S Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.)

Fees: NT$ 500 (includes: Tickets & Audio guide devices for two exhibitions)

Meeting Point: 13:30pm at the entrance for Dali Exhibit (Gallery 2-3 on the ground floor)

Dear Members,

While most of us remain grounded yet dream of taking flights to see the great museums abroad in the age of the epidemic, we are truly fortunate to be able to see the most notable Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dali and Czech Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha- two iconic artists’ works being shown just across the hallway from each other. Dali’s exhibition includes a short film he created in collaboration with Walt Disney, sculptures, stage designs, and the 100 watercolors he painted inspired by the Divine Comedy. You can also catch Dali’s famous 1979 oil painting: “In Search of the Fourth Dimension”, which features the “melting clock” that Dali is most known for.

(For more info: https://www.salvador-dali.org/en/dali-foundation/)

Alphonse Mucha’s “Timeless Mucha- Mucha to Manga: the Magic of Line” exhibition consists of five sections. There are more than 200 painting, posters, decorative panels, pastels, drawings and illustrations selected by the Mucha Foundation. A distinctive feature of Mucha’s style was his use of long tendrils of hair, flowers, plants and flowing garments to portray women. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements and designs. For more info: https://www.alfonsmucha.org/biography.html

We are very thankful to collaborate with our dear Consulting Advisor Ms. Lisette Lou to combine these two exhibitions in one visit, and there will be English & Chinese guided tours for both exhibitions. Because these are two separated exhibitions, we will need time to arrange the audio devices; we kindly ask you to follow your group closely and not stray too far. As some of the exhibition rooms are not spacious, this visit is limited to 30 persons on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please RSVP to this email no later than February 24th (Thursday). Thank you so much, and Susan and I wish you all a very Happy Lunar New Year holidays.

Kind regards,

Susan Su Wang

Jessica Liu Chia (0970-583-038)







日期與時間: 31日(週二)下午13301600




報名截止日期: 224日(週四)名額僅30人。


敬頌  春祺




03/23/2022 EG Trip to National Taiwan Museum

This was always a sign of spring time that we could stroll in the National Taiwan Museum at Railway Department Park, to learn the history, the architectural features, the revolution of motive power on Taiwan railway. Finally, the model railway exhibition amazing us to end this happy journey. 

We hope you enjoy the trip that we’ve planned for you. 

Please click on the links below to enjoy the happiest time we have spent together. 






Located in the heart of Taipei, near the Taipei Main station and the North Gate is a building of significant historic significance. The impressive building we see today is National Taiwan Museum of Railway Department Park.
We will tour this building and the complex of eight historically significant buildings with a professional tour guide.
Our tour will begin at the main entrance to the museum at 10::00, after tour, we will enjoy lunch at Astoria Cafe, welcome to join us if you are available on this day.



參觀費用:門票$100, 65歲以上免費

02/23/2022 EG Trip to Martin’s Organic Strawberry Farm

Planning a trip in cold and wet raining day isn’t always easy, but with proper preparation, things can still run smoothly.
We are sometimes super lucky, but for this time, we don’t. However, despite of non stop raining for over one month in Taipei, it’s so hard to get up from the cozy warm bed to catch the morning train to the MRT station, taking bus to Neihu, to Martin’s strawberry Farm, picking the delicious red and sweet strawberries, making the turnip cake, sharing the delicious food and celebrating the birthday with all our dearly friends, what a wonderful day, what a unforgettable trip we had.

Please click on the link below to enjoy the happy moment we’ve created at Strawberry Farm.



12/20/2021 Art & Culture Group: Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center’s Opening Exhibition: “Flying Ink”

Art & Culture Interest Group’s trip to Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center on December 20th, for the Opening Exhibition “Flying Ink” is simply fabulous! Lunch at COZZI Market, and free time activities at Gloria Outlets & Xpark super aquarium summed up a Day of Art & Fun!