Exploration Group

Exploration Group

Chairpersons: Olivia Jen, Alison Davis, Carol Sun
Time & Place: to be informed
Contact person:Olivia Jen
Contact email: [email protected]

Exploring unique and off the beaten track areas of Taipei and its suburbs is the focus of the WTIC Exploration Group. The purpose is to find a new rarely visited scenic area, an undiscovered cultural event or to discover an artistic craft unique to Taiwan. Together we take public transportation, sometimes rent a bus and often find a neighborhood restaurant to try. The goal is a better understanding of the city we all call home, and the chance to share that city with friends new and old.

Exploration Group had six unique trips in 2020. Beating the hot summer heat and staying cool meant some air conditioned events, but together we shared some great adventures and learned much about Taipei.

1.TWI-A Coffee Roasters
2. Enjoy 8K the documentary film “Water with Life in Taiwan” at Delta Foundation Screen Room 8K Theatre
3. Grand Hotel
4. Indigo Tie Dye at Taipei Mayor’s Art Salon
5. Drum Factory and Temple Street
6. Bai Wn Antique Warehouse and Robin Hood Temple

Once you indicate an interest in the Exploration Group, we will send email information about upcoming trips three to four weeks prior to the trip. We look forward to seeing you on our next adventure.

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Trips in 2021:

EG trip to Drum factory and temple street
新莊响仁合鐘鼓廠及廟街巡禮, 11/18/2020,

01/13/2021 Trip to the Bai Win Antique Warehouse and Robin Hood Temple 探索八里骨董倉庫與廖添丁廟

EG trip to Antique Warehouse

EG trip to DeAnJu farm 3/10/2021

EG Railway Workshop Museum 4/20/2021

EG Trip to Flower Market 10/27/2021

EG Trip to Nung Chan Monastery 12/08/2021 

Trips in 2022:

EG Trip to Martin’s Organic Strawberry Farm 02/23/2022

EG Trip to National Taiwan Museum 03/23/2022

EG Trip to the Ching-Kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park 04/27/2022