Chinese Knotting Group

Chairpersons: Hsiao-Yi Lee, Mei-Ting Wang Tsai
Time: 3:10pm—4:40pm, every Thursday
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Alison Tsai Lin
Contact email:


Traditional Chinese Knotting is the essence of Chinese folk culture. To brighten and prolong Chinese culture and to help it go into people’s daily life, in recent decades, many well-learned and enthusiastic ladies have made efforts to develop it. Making knots helps cultivate personal disposition, intelligence, and creativity. Besides, it beautified one’s household and life. it even helps promote friendship between local and foreign friends. Most important of all, it keeps our finger-tips away from stiffness and numbness.

Our group makes knotting with bare hands. most of our members enjoy the class a lot. At yearly membership registration luncheon, their works are demonstrated and greatly admired.