Sewing Group

Chairperson: Chin-Chu Lee
Co-chairpersons: Li-Yung Wang Lee, Chiu-Kuri Huang Chang
Time: Thursday, 10:00—12:00
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Li-Yung Wang Lee
Contact email:


“I sewed my first skirt!” My family and friends in Germany could hardly believe it, when I shared this news from Taipei in 2019. Learning how to sew has always been on my bucket list. I just hadn’t had the time or the patience until now. Well okay, patience I still don’t have!

But with my first participation in the 2018 Christmas Show, where I got to wear a dress by Christine Shen, my interest was piqued. And so, it was the kick-off to my Thursday morning sewing class experience, with everyone arriving around 10am and bursting with energy to work on their lovely creations.

It’s always a great atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, even if they haven’t been able to join in for a few weeks. Madam Shiao Mei-Ling, is patient with the sewing attempts as well as the chairwoman Chin-Chu and the co-chairwomen Judy and Lin-Yung, who just like Anny before as chairwoman never tire of helping to translate or organize the course dates or trips to the fabric market.

In November it was time again to prepare the show for the Christmas Luncheon 2020. It should be traditional – so the choice of the Qipao as dress code was obvious. Sewing a Qipao myself was out of the question for me, but since a friend had just completed a course, I could at least “design” my own piece together with her.

For the show, we had found a perfect instructor in Jing Xu-Rudorfer, who taught us how to walk the catwalk with our beautiful dresses. In the end, as always, it took a lot of work, but we had a bunch of fun and a beautiful performance on 3rd December.
Dear teacher, dear classmates, thank you for the time we spent together in 2020.

From Christiane Blohm
Spouse of Executive Director German Trade Office




12/11/2018 Christmas Luncheon Fashion Show