Gourmet Group

Chairpersons: Jing Rudorfer Xu, Margaret Huang
Time: to be informed
Location; to be informed
Contact person: Margaret Huang
Contact email: margaretchen1018@gmail.com

The gourmet food club activity group provides a relaxed cross-cultural experience to our members through introducing old and new dining spaces in Taipei’s vibrant food landscape.

It is a warm platform to meet, mingle and enjoy an easy but tasteful afternoon in the company of diverse yet like-minded persons. For our diplomatic corps member’s, we introduce new places to recommend for hosting visitors from all walks of society.

Through food, we share colorful life experiences and useful information about Taipei, traveling, health and other topics.

Our new exciting themes involve celebrating WTIC member countries diversity in food offered in Taipei as well as special guests who will offer us in-depth knowledge about their various talents and industries.

We look forward to spending time with you at our next gathering.


03/21/2022 Village/Private Kitchen

02/25/2022 Domani Italian Restaurant

01/13/2022 Gourmet Group Farewell Lunch with Zee

03/12/2021 Sea Food Restaurant Gourmet Food Club艋舺熱海海鮮餐廳

01/29/2021 Gourmet Food Club Vice Versa

10/08/2020 Gourmet Food Club SUi

09/01/2020 Gourmet Food Club Truffles Living

12/12/2019 Gourmet Food Club Yue Hua Shyuan Cantonese Restaurant 悅華軒

11/19/2019 Gourmet food Club – Taste of Haiti

10/24/2019 Gourmet Food Club at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant