Chinese Painting

Chinese Brush Painting Group
Chairpersons: Jyn Tzy Wang, Tereza Hou Li
Time: Tuesday, 2:00pm—5:00pm
Location: Institute of Diplomacy & International Affairs
Contact person: Teresa Hou Li
Contact email: chih-hsuan@hotmail,com



Chinese brush painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world. It is done with a brush dipped in black ink or colored pigment. For me, it is always most important to learn something new and traditional from the location where I live.

Master Wang Laoshi is our instructor. She teaches all that she knows with a lot of patience and love and we, her students, learn with much joy. Every class is a new adventure. Everything is totally different from the way we do western painting, from handling the brush to the feet position. I compare this to Tai-chi motion, because one needs to do soft movements with the brush, which must slide harmoniously. We all at the class started learning from zero a new technique that grants us much peace and broadens our spirit.

I enthusiastically invite all to enter into this wonderful world of Chinese painting. It does not matter whether you think you lack talent. Not only is Wang Laoshi a wonderfully accomplished artist—perfect, in fact, I would say—, but she also has the gift of teaching.

It is never too late to start enjoying this marvelous opportunity to learn, guided by the prodigious hand of our dear Wang Laoshi. We are looking forward with joy for you to join us!