Art & Culture Group

Chairpersons: Susan Su Wang, Jessica Liu

Time & Location: To be informed.

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Art & Culture Interest Group hosts 6-7 programs a year, we stretch our ears, extend our antennas, and strive to bring the most current and sizzling events for our art-loving members.

Our programs in 2022:

03/01/2022 Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions at CKS Memorial Hall 「天才達利」與「永恆慕夏」特展

04/07/2022 “Alive Art in the Renaissance” Exhibition會動的文藝復興

10/03/2022 Art & Culture and Gourmet Food Club~A Visit to Jeffrey D. Schwartz Jewish Community Center薛智偉猶太社區中心

10/25/2022 LIU YONG “Painting my Childhood” Exhibition at the Grand Courtyard大院子重磅展覽「劉墉~畫我童年」

11/16/2022 NPM’s “An Epitome of the Art & History of the Song, Ming, and Qing Dynasty”故宮博物院「閑情四事」、「寫盡繁華」、「避暑山莊」三大特展

Our programs in 2021 :

01/07/2021 Rediscovering Taiwanese Modern Art 北師美術館不朽的青春

03/03/2021 Artrue Tea Ceremony     邀請函    活動報導

4/7/2021 Yingge Ceramics Museum’s “Taiwan Ceramics Biennale” Exhibition 新北市立鶯歌陶瓷博物館2020臺灣國際陶藝雙年展與陶瓷大街逍遙遊

05/12/2021 The Historical “Grand Courtyard” & Yu Peng’s Paintings Exhibition 藝術庭園的「大院子」與于彭「春天來了嗎」特展

09/07/2021 Art & Culture Interest Group: National Palace Museum’s “The Hidden Gems Exhibition故宮「大阪市立美術館珍藏書畫-遺珠」展     後記

10/05/2021 Art & Culture Interest Group: Shiota Chiharu-The Soul Trembles鹽田千春-顫動的靈魂

11/10/2021 Art & Culture visit to NPM’s “A Trio of National Treasures” Exhibition 故宮”鎮院國寶” 特展

12/20/2021 Art & Culture Group: Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center’s Opening Exhibition: “Flying Ink”

Our programs in 2020:

1. Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Paul Chiang; A Retrospective,
2. A-Sun Wu and Paloma Chang’s Joint Taipei Exhibition,
3. Visit to Yang San Lang Art Museum,
4. Love and Peace Concert at O’Bank Concert Hall,
5. She & Her Exhibition at National Palace Museum,
6. The Everlasting Bloom-Rediscovering Taiwanese Modern Art at Museum of National Taipei University of Education.

I’m sure these exhibitions and museums left deep and lasting memories to all who were in attendance. We would like to thank our members for signing up and participating our activities, and we welcome any ideas or suggestions for our future programs.