Int’l cooking demo Group

Chairperson: Lily Chiu
Co-Chairperson: Angela Tan
Time & Place: to be informed
Contact person: Sophia Chiang
Contact email:

In Taiwan, food is very important part of the daily life and the Taiwanese are very proud of their own cuisine which appears on every street corner and night market.

However, given that, there are many nationalities represented within WTIC, we are eager to explain and further—show our own cultures and traditions—with food.

The international Cooking Demonstration Group started around 2002 with a few ladies who enjoyed gathering together to cook of each other. As the group became more popular, it started to grow very quickly in size, our member’s kitchen became too small and we were facing a new concept for our group.

We started to explore small but very unique restaurants around Taipei. it was great fun and the food was always outstanding. As the new concept for the group grew even more popular, further members of WTIC wanted to be part of the group which put us in a situation where we had to turn to bigger venues with once again in a new concept.

The Representative and Embassy offices got involved which took the cooking demonstration to a whole new level. Big restaurants with capacities for over 100 people became the new venues, and chefs received instructions from the lady in charge at each event on that dishes to cook and teach to members of the group. this gave us the opportunity to educate members by providing them with tourist information, fashion shows, presentations and much more about the country featured at each event.

The development o the group is fantastic to see and be a part of it. I wish the group the best of luck with more adventures in the culinary part to come.


11/15/2021 International cooking Demonstration Interest Group A taste of India 印度美食藝術饗宴

03/23/2021 International Cooking Demonstration Korean Luncheon 韓國美食藝術饗宴

11/02/2020 WTIC Cooking Demo-Austrian Afternoon Tea Party

09/08/2020 International Cooking Demonstration at Din Tai Fung 台灣之光鼎泰豐 美食示範

11/26/2019 A Taste of Haiti Cooking Demonstration 海地美食饗宴

09/10/2019 Int’l Cooking Demo Chez Yah 葉公館美食示範

03/12/2019 Int’l Cooking Demo Hola Mexico墨西哥美食饗宴

10/04/2018 Turkish Cooking Demonstration Luncheon 土耳其美食饗宴

05/03/2018 Seafood Cooking Demonstration 海鮮美食饗宴

05/05/2017 Korean Cooking Demonstration

03/10/2017 International Cooking Demonstration held in Grand Hyatt Taipei