Founders & Former Presidents



Pei Li Hwang Bumpas    柏黃佩麗

Marie Shah    夏黃新平

Julie Chie    錢田玲玲

Winifred Shen     沈魏惟儀

Lily Chiu    邱田琍琍

Jeanne Sun    孫王誠儀

Iris Chou    周莉音

Julie Tang     唐張明燦

Maria Hu     胡郭惠文

Yvonne Wang     王田小耘

Elizabeth Lamb     宣中文

Patricia Wen     溫洪娟

Christine Lin     林吳順蘭

Ellen Lai Woo     吳雷愛玲

Margaret Pei     裴張英珊



Julie Chie    錢田玲玲



Chien, Julie    錢田玲玲

Ding, Mei    丁史美暢

Fang, Faye     房徐蕙英

Kuo, Athenia     郭何雅珍

Shah, Marie     夏黃新平

Lin Lan, Christi     林藍采如

Kao, Mei-Yen     高劉美燕

Kao Lee, Jine-Jeou     高李靜玖

Kao, Fu-May     高蔡富美

Lou, Lisette    陸仲雁



Lamb, Elizabeth     宣中文     2008-2010



Shen, Winifred     沈魏惟儀     1986-1987

Bumpas Hwang, Pei Li     柏黃佩麗     1988-1989

Chien, Julie     錢田玲玲     1989-1991

Fang, Faye     房徐蕙英     1991-1993

Kung, Theresa     龔李慧中     1993-1994

Tang, Julie     唐張明燦     Acting 1994

Ding, Mei     丁史美暢     1994-1996

Kuo, Athenia     郭何雅珍     1996-1997

Hu, Shirley     胡邵曉鈴     1997-1999

Chen, Yolanda     程何友蘭     1999-2000

Tien, Amy     田郭美惠    2001-2002

Chiou, Jacqueline     邱陳翠雲    Acting 2002

Kao, Mei-Yen     高劉美燕    Acting 2002

Chien, Gwendolyn     簡王圭容    2002-2004

Hwang, Clara     黃陳富美    Acting 2004, 2004-2005

Kau Huang, Anna     高黃紫金    2006


Remarks by Winifred W. Shen
Charter member of the Club and served as first President

I just wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a number of distinguished ladies who helped in the founding of the Welcome to Taipei International Club which is affiliated with all the Welcome Clubs worldwide.

First of all, Julie Chien. In 1986, when my husband and I revisited Washington D.C., Dr. Frederick Chien was the representative of our country, and Mrs. Chien, Julie, was a great help to Dr. Chien. She was very active, popular and well-liked in D.C. social and political circles. She had Twin Oaks renovated. She invited me and my family to dinner and showed us every room which looked splendid as if touched by a magic wand. A few days later, before I had a chance to thank her, she telephoned me and asked me to organize a Welcome to Taipei Club. I said I had no experience with organizing clubs, but if I could get Patricia Wen who had already organized a Friends of Washington Club to help me, I would try to do it.

When I came back to Taipei, I immediately contacted Patricia. She said Julie asked her first, but General Wen, her husband, didn’t think it was necessary to establish another international club in Taipei, since there was one already. However, being a good friend of mine, Patricia finally agreed to help me. She enlisted all the members of the Friends of Washington Club to help, too. Each and every one of them tried their best to invite their foreign friends to join.

According to the rules of the Welcome Clubs, local membership must be matched with an equal number of foreign members. The first meeting was a wonderful success. Everyone who came signed up to be a member. So the Welcome to Taipei International Club was established right-a-way.

Now I must thank another lady, Cecilia Koo, great educator and women leader. She paid for all the expenses of that first meeting. And also Sylvia Fei, who decorated the stage with beautiful lavender-colored wisteria. She made the backdrop look like a million-dollar painting.

Finally, I wish to thank all the founding members of the club for their unforgettable contribution, and for the subsequent presidents and new members of the club for making it such a continuing success


Welcome to Taipei International Club (WTIC)
Agenda for the First Boarding Meeting

1. Introducing Board Members

2. Discuss the name of the Club

3. Discuss in detail the following documents:
a. Guidelines to Forming a Welcome Club
b. Workshop Outline and Suggestions
c. Constitution and Bylaws

4. Discuss how to organize various interest groups and appoint group chairman:
a. Language
b. Chinese Calligraphy and painting
c. International cooking
d. Sports: Bowling and golfing
e. Music
f. Beauty and make-up
g. Flower arrangement and garden
h. Culture and Art Tours
i. Sightseeing
j. Shopping Tours

5. Discuss preparations for the first general meeting
(invitation of VIP’s)

6. Compile WTIC Guideline and Directory

7. Compile Calendar of Events
(suggest contact GIO, Tourist Bureau, City Government, Foreign Office and other offices)

8. Decide Date of Meeting

9. All officers and members shall help in membership drive