03/01/2022 Art & Culture : Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions at CKS Memorial Hall

2022/3/1 「藝文小組」安排大家參觀正在「中正紀念堂」展出的Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions 「天才達利 」與「永恆慕夏」特展


Art & Culture Interest Group

Dali & Mucha’s Special Exhibitions at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall


Time & Date: 13:30pm 16:00 pm, Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Venue: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (No.21, Zhongshan S Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.)

Fees: NT$ 500 (includes: Tickets & Audio guide devices for two exhibitions)

Meeting Point: 13:30pm at the entrance for Dali Exhibit (Gallery 2-3 on the ground floor)

Dear Members,

While most of us remain grounded yet dream of taking flights to see the great museums abroad in the age of the epidemic, we are truly fortunate to be able to see the most notable Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dali and Czech Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha- two iconic artists’ works being shown just across the hallway from each other. Dali’s exhibition includes a short film he created in collaboration with Walt Disney, sculptures, stage designs, and the 100 watercolors he painted inspired by the Divine Comedy. You can also catch Dali’s famous 1979 oil painting: “In Search of the Fourth Dimension”, which features the “melting clock” that Dali is most known for.

(For more info: https://www.salvador-dali.org/en/dali-foundation/)

Alphonse Mucha’s “Timeless Mucha- Mucha to Manga: the Magic of Line” exhibition consists of five sections. There are more than 200 painting, posters, decorative panels, pastels, drawings and illustrations selected by the Mucha Foundation. A distinctive feature of Mucha’s style was his use of long tendrils of hair, flowers, plants and flowing garments to portray women. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements and designs. For more info: https://www.alfonsmucha.org/biography.html

We are very thankful to collaborate with our dear Consulting Advisor Ms. Lisette Lou to combine these two exhibitions in one visit, and there will be English & Chinese guided tours for both exhibitions. Because these are two separated exhibitions, we will need time to arrange the audio devices; we kindly ask you to follow your group closely and not stray too far. As some of the exhibition rooms are not spacious, this visit is limited to 30 persons on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please RSVP to this email no later than February 24th (Thursday). Thank you so much, and Susan and I wish you all a very Happy Lunar New Year holidays.

Kind regards,

Susan Su Wang

Jessica Liu Chia (0970-583-038)







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