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Women from all over the world share the same interests, wherever they may come from and wherever they may be. In doing things together we come to appreciate each other as persons rather than as representatives of nationalities. The basic ingredient of our success is joyful participation and cooperation by all members.

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2022 WTIC Annual Registration Luncheon / 2022 會員大會暨新春餐會

2022 會員大會&新春餐會在眾家姊妹的辛勞準備後圓滿達成。感謝大家的參與,更感謝幕後默默地奉獻的人。精彩相片請點以下連結


The joyous 2022 Annual Registration Luncheon was successfully completed with all the devotions of our work teams and participations of our dear members. Thank you all, this marks the beginning of another year of planning and bringing the best to our members.

Please click the link below to see the happy moments we shared in the photo album.


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